A-GRT-01-PRO6-2in1-A275 - WRDspider® Pro6 System 2-in-1 Advanced Kit 275

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Collision Repair Tools LLC your official source for the WRDspider® products introduces the WRD-Pro6 2-in-1 kit. This kit includes WRDspider® cutting fiber line removal system and multi-purpose glass panel handling cups. Provides safe and efficient removal and glass panel handling.

Kit Cotents:

  • 17" Tool Tote for Pro6 kit
  • Removal Glass Handing Cup
  • Anchor Glass Handing Cup
  • Hand Crank
  • Dash Protector
  • Cutting line X48
  • Bit Holder
  • Pick Tool
  • Angle Driver
  • Cutting Line Threader
  • Install Stick
  • This is the complete list of included contents in the kit.