A-GRT-05-P8 - WRD Spider Line P/N P8(second best pick - heavy duty line)

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  1. WRD Spider Line SF-301 / NOW SUPERSEDED BY P/N X96 order this original part number and you'll receive the new X96 cutting line.

This is our second best recommendation for WRD Spider fiber cut out line. The reason being is that it is thicker and yes stronger.

Heavy gauge cutting line, all applications, great balance in high tensile strength and cutting ability, reusability rate.


  • -  Up to 10 removals per length

  • -  Tensile strength: 365 Lb (heavy duty abrasion coating)

  • -  Diameter: 1.00mm

  • -  Solid braiding construction - 96M

  • -  Low salvage removal rate


X96 (96m)

- 315 feet (96m)


- Heavy duty abrasion resistance coating

- 1 length

WRD Spider Automotive Glass Removal tool www.WRDspider.com from Eco Repair Systems on Vimeo.